Pepper Crunch 24g


0.03 kg | 24 g


100% Organic Pepper.
Seasonally selected.
Free from artificial colours and preservatives.
Free from added salt or sugar. Made without frying or freezing.


Rich in soluble fibre and a source of natural antioxidants.
Low in saturated fats to help maintain normal blood cholesterol levels.
Low in sodium to help maintain normal blood pressure.
High Vitamin C content contributes to normal functioning of the nervous and immune system , blood vessels, skin, cartilage, gums , bones, teeth . Protection against oxidative damage . Reduces tiredness and fatigue. Improves absorption of iron and helps to regenerate the reduced form of Vitamin E.


100% Organic Pepper


Ideal as an aperitif or as a bases for starters and canapés, enriching sauces and creams, decorating salads and accompanying garnish of main courses.